Craptions Classics March 07, 2007

Ahmed shows off his riches which he can now afford after opening his WMD specialty shop, "The Harmacy". He still laughs at his brilliant play on words.


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the amount of freedom that bike emits causes space and time to blur around it.

sanity underwhelming

Alas, the budget for 'Pimp My Ride India' could only stretch to a bag of turnips.

Cap'n Dunc'n

"I pimp in the name of Allah."


The new Captain America was more in tune with 21st Century notions of diversity and tolerance.

Steve Rogers

'Jihad without a cause'


"I'm actually waiting here for someone to bring me a pair of pants so I can ride this thing home."

Juan Perez

"I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle"

The Turbanator

The Iraqi counter-culture film "Easy Bomber"


You can keep your "democracy." All I need is the road, and a big red bag of onions.


Strangely, Harley Davidson's "American Patriot" marketing campaign was a resounding success in Syria.


Ahmed's parents suspected that drinking 'Pepsi' may have had side effects.

Manny Calavera

This flag burns back baby. Rawr.


due to the exchange rate in the 80s, Prince's Pakistani stunt double was paid in onions


"Err, you see President Bush, when we asked you to 'paint us a picture' on the future of Iraq... hmmm... what's a Harmacy!?"

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