Craptions Classics March 01, 2006

The piranhas spent two days moving that brick to the middle of the flooded street. But it was all worth it.

mr mcmurder

Other Craptions

Lady 1: Nice goose.
Lady 2: Thanks.
Lady 1: So how retarded is your son?
Lady 2: Very.

Chab Gassie

Just then, SuperBob swooped down and saved the drowning bicycle.

Senor Taco

Fosdick perfected a new move for the Triathlon, going from the running stage to the bike stage to the swimming stage in a one seamless movement


It would later drive Howard mad when he was told that the drowning man was, in fact, his own reflection.

Mr. Magenta

The bicycle is a solitary killer; dragging it's prey beneath the murky deaths when they least expect it.

Funkmaster Ninja

Ernie uses his Battle Rap skills to drive the flood out of town.


He's doing it....he's starting to believe...


The magnificent bicycle-riding fat man jumps out of the water on his way to the upriver spawning grounds.

Linux fan

Global warming + Winter Olympics = less spectacular with twice the tumbles


When speedbumps are ignored they tend to show their frustration by flooding the town.


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The live action Goldenboy movie was even funnier than expected.

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