Craptions Classics March 06, 2007

His hard drive brimming with illegal movie rips and torrented album downloads, Timmy's last words before life incarceration were, "brb riaa."

The Inadvertant Mr. Raincloud

Other Craptions

Army + LSD = One hardcore attempt to follow the yellow brick road.


The front desk had warned Bill about feeding the pigeons and the commandos outside the hotel, but apparently he didn't listen.

Juan Perez

Crime bars were a necessity in the neighborhood to keep out those pesky roaming bands of special forces.

Yellow Dart

Incorporating radioactive spider bites into basic training was a great move for the Pentagon.

Ben Reily

When the military found his door was locked they resorted to catapulting soldiers through the window. The first 3 attempts failed miserably


Cirque Du Soleil Presents: RAINBOW SIX


Serbians take opposite day very seriously.


Cirque de Soliels remake of the Village People YMCA...


New gravity warfare technology proves to be both devastating and funny.


"Drat, the window is locked too! Now how will we get inside?"

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