Craptions Classics March 04, 2007

What people didn't know about Jesus was his power of invisibility and his love of high fives.


Other Craptions

Sometimes, God just gets bored.


It's all fun and games until someone parts the water.


Ha! I didn't say 'Jesus says dive in the frigid water'. Who wants wine?


With some native cultures, the missionaries changed their way of life. Others, they just fucked with.

Juan Perez

A Positive charge draws the negative ions to it, as shown in this illustration...


The Reverse Vampires were attracted to the cross, and easily led to thier doom.


The guys really love it when Jesus turns the lake into wine.


God once again proves that there is nothing funnier than making man do something completely insane.


Noah had to do something. There were way too many men on board.

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