Craptions Classics March 02, 2007

Snuggles turned away as the camera came closer. But what could he do? The rent wasn't going to pay itself.


Other Craptions

Garfield made some movies in his early years, which he wasn't really proud of.


In a last ditch effort to fool his prey, Mr. Katz attempts to look like a harmless bunny to draw them nearer for the kill.


Mr. Chips decided it was about time someone else cleaned these bad boys...


The picture is of a cat with its legs up in the air. There is a PC (Personal Computer) in the background as well as a house plant and a curtain.

Steve Mclaughlin

You call that a furry taint? THIS is a furry taint!


Gives a whole new meaning to the word "pussy".


I'm just not comfortable with the camera. Promise your not going to show this to anyone, your just keeping this to yourself right?


Stare deep into the brown eye! Deeper still!


This be a test, matey!


This V for Vendetta ad campaign has gone on far enough.

Ryan Metcalf
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