Craptions Classics February 28, 2007

The odd thing isn't the babies, the odd thing is the person in the background who apparently just drove up stairs.


Other Craptions

Man, I remember when they would just egg my car.


If you're frustrated by birds shitting on your cars,... you don't even want to know what happens when those damned angels fly over.


Try as you might, your car will never be safe from baby showers.

Wasn't Me

"It may LOOK like an older-model car, but the Thunderforge is made of such high-quality materials, it can drive right through this orphanage!"


No honey, I'm certain I said put the bonnet on the baby, not the other way around


Look Who's Talking IV - Dead Babies


There just wasn't enough room in the back of the hearse for the flowers, the corpse and the keg...


"That was such a beautiful baptism for the twins!"
"I'm glad you liked it, honey. Now let's go home."
"Wait, are we forgetting something?"

Buddy Christ

"But, it's like so, unsuspectedness? Ya kno? N theIr Sooooou Pretty" Gayus Maximus had a hard time fitting in with the rest of the autobots


"Hey! he gets a bigger cushion and a flower thingy on his head?! Whats up with that?"
"Stop being such a baby or I'll run through the carwash again!"


Of the quadruplets, his mom had always said he was the one mostly likely to lose his head if it wasn't attached to his shoulder


"I told you we wouldn't be noticed"


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