Craptions Classics February 27, 2007

Every Tuesday God visits China for a quick shave and haircut.


Other Craptions

In China, smoking crack is considered an art.


The Avalanche Rescue team fired jim for his sarcasm.


Ben's umbrella was the best.


Once proud and fearsome creatures, dragons are now raised in captivity for their natural reserves of baby powder.

magic murder bag

When it came to squirty cream, Jim easily got carried away


The villagers had tried to give Slick guns and swords, but he was adamant he would fight the Ice Dragon with a real man’s weapon.


Chang was slightly embarassed. Now he thought about it, a sculpture of God or a dragon would have been way cooler than Falcor the flying poodle from Neverending Story.

El G

And because of what Gary did, the instant mashed potato warehouse will be closed until further notice.

Juan Perez

Mary had left, taking his house, the kids and the dog. Alan would win her back, the only way he knew how.


The Chinese version of the sphynx was much more detailed. Plus, it had a nose.

Timmy IV

What the other Microsoft co-founders do with their money.


"Frosty the snow dragon, came to life that day.
He could sing like a choir and breathe fire,
that caused his face to melt away"

Frosty was Retarded

Having only $25, China was forced to turn to alternative materials for their version of Mount Rushmore.

Bad Karma

Xexe cursed. The chinese could never come up anything better than Pokemon.

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