Craptions Classics February 26, 2007

Senator McCarthy, Do these breasts look like communist breasts to you?

The 99

Other Craptions

Everybody agreed; it was the best eulogy ever.


John decided that, as usual, its best to let his penis do the talking


"Uh, Mr. Pedo, the court asked Billy to show where you touched him ON THE DOLL."


"How much LSD did you put in his drink?"

"I'm not exactly sure, but-- Oh, Fuck."


People typically picture the audience in their underwear.

Ted had a different idea...


The people were just happy that the Emperor couldn't afford a pair of those magical pants as well.


"Well we don't deal with moral implications; we're scientists. The fact is we created the RapeBot because we could, not because -- what? OH MY GOD! IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN!!!"


Ron was furious. He was tired of his coworker getting all the recognition just because he was retarded.

Lord of Smegma

The other candidates had to admit: Bob's point was very convincing.

le douche

"No," thought the bespectacled undercover cop. "Feigning Down Syndrome will not get you another benefit."


John was perplexed, he had been very specific: Jesscia Alba coming out of cake. Instead he got Jack Nicholson, John Rhys-Davies, a reincarnated Rock Hudson and some old bald guy rapping into a microphone at a conference instead.


After his 5th Gin and Tonic, Dan decided that there was no reason why an ethics inquiry shouldn't include "a little something for the ladies."


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