Craptions Classics February 28, 2006

Airlock!!! Close the AIRLOCK!!!


Other Craptions

In a flawless display of athletic prowess, Omar farted the golf ball deep into the crowd. The day was his!


After this incident the high jump and the javelin events were never to be held on the same day.


The crowd looked on with a sense of hopelessness- once again the Pole Beings where abducting an athlete.

Mr. Magenta

Intercourse will never be fun for Hugo after this incident.


Streakers are becoming more and more proactive.


As Gorflax stuck the last embalmed human on a pin and sealed the display case, he felt confident his scientific report to the Galactic Council would be a success.


As the invisible swordsman's weapon threw him through the air, Joshua realised that mutant gladatorial combat really wasn't his forté


It was a dark day in the Mushroom Kingdom as Mario failed to reach the top of the flag pole and collect 5000 points.

Senor Taco

The world pole vault champion was belatedly disqualified when a careful re-examination of the slow motion replay revealed that her world record-shattering vault had been achieved with two poles.

Linux fan

cut backs in the track and field departments' spending meant that, although the jump looked spectacular, the lack of a suitable landing matt did suggest a somewhat awkward landing would soon follow....


Javelins are ferocious hunters, hurling their prey hundreds of feet in the air

Carbon Man

"Foosball just wasn't exciting enough for our Olympic spectators. So we had to jazz it up a bit"


And here you see what we believe is the Skull of the Homo Megamansis.


The most impressive aspect of this photo is not how high the athlete was hurled, but that the athlete was in the shotput competition when something went horribly wrong.

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