Craptions Classics February 24, 2007

Driven from their natural habitat by gentrification, middle class suburban homes are increasingly found wandering the wilderness in search of food.


Other Craptions

After the snow began to melt, Terri could no longer hide the fact he ran over a polar bear.

And the family wanted revenge.


He's fading! Get me 10CCs of Coca-Cola stat!


After being convicted, James realized that house arrest in Alaska took on a whole other meaning.


"...and be sure to act like your in a lot of pain. If they fall for this, we'll never have to work again."


If you're creative, a home taxidermy course can pay for itself.

Juan Perez

Don't mind him. He's a BIPOLAR bear.

Crank Caller

When the huge breasted next door neighbor went outside topless to do her snow shoveling, EVERYONE turned to look.

Sea Monster

"All you do is lounge around. Why don't you get a fucking job already?"
"Shut up, go inside, and get me a snack."


Sadly, afer years of consuming Coca-Cola, a polar bear has developed diabeties.


"Billy, did you take out the trash?"
"Remember what happened last time? Those bears mauled me!"
"Yes, but there were 4 last time. Maybe they won't notice today."


Some asshole's been eating my porridge.


"Do me a favor and change the channel, will ya?"


Hey honey, make a snow angel with me!!


After having there Coca-Cola taken away the bears went on strike

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