Craptions Classics February 17, 2007

The Photoshopping in this photo is so obvious I don't even want to humor it with a caption.

Granger Riach

Other Craptions

The Hydra wasn't as fearsome as Hercules made it out to be.

Juan Perez

Sam misunderstood when they told him he would be elbows deep in pussy by Tuesday morning.


Ok, I got the cats. Did you bring the internet?


"I said ten cats! You only brought five!"

"Yeah, but look what happens when I shake them up and down real fast...... see?!"


What happens if you grab Schroedinger's Cat out of the box really fast.


Don't put water on them or feed them after midnight. Was that so fucking hard to understand?

Kevin Smallwood

Listen asshole, you burn what you want in your locomotive, and I'll burn what I want in MINE.

humorcaust of crapface

Some said Juggling Jim was crazy. Others called him genius.


"Someone's dumped Photoshop in the reservoir, sir."

Ancient Norse God Orthar, The Tooth Collector

At 10:34am 19 Feb 2007 the first mitosis occurs. 2 hours, 3000 cycles and 7.23297364964^98 kittens later, the world ends.


every time you masturbate, god photoshops a kitten.


Your fur coat will be ready momentarily, madam.

Mr. Brown

This photo is clearly a fake. The shadows are all going in different directions, there had to have been more than one light source in this photo.

There is no way known this photo was taken on the moon.


Ozzy's comeback tour was widely regarded as awesome

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