Craptions Classics February 16, 2007

He was only the prince of Wales, but he was King of the Courts.


Other Craptions

Before every monarch inherits the throne, he must first prove to his predecessor that he 'got game'.


9 out of 10 craptioners can't recognize Prince Charles.


You know a man is appointed by God to rule an empire when he can sink a half-court shot one-handed.


Prince Charles knew he had to something to regain his street cred.

Haschel Cedricson

Jamal moved in to steal the prince's wallet.


And after he beat us, he served us pancakes, honest to god, pancakes.

Charlie Murphey

People used to giggle at the rumor that Prince Charles only had one ball. But everyone gasped in fear when he took it out and showed them just how huge it was.

Sea Monster

Prince Charles reasserts the Empire's dominance over the simple native tribes in a field that they can understand.


His Airness, The Grand Duke of Orange and Ball, Knight of the Order of Jordan, Earl of Dunksenburg, Priiiiinnnccee Charles!


" . . . and, I say, with my hand behind my back, my little Negro friends!"


"Don't choke, don't choke, don't choke..."


As Prince Charles made the free throw with one hand behind his back, basketball sudenly lost its street cred.


"cancel the fire department. I'll get him down!"


proof that the prince of wales is the king when it comes to dealing with accusation of mistreating racial minorities.

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