Craptions Classics February 15, 2007

Mike had found the four bumps on the toilet seat quite uncomfortable and wanted to ask how everyone else managed.


Other Craptions

In soviet Russia, lego builds you


"Qui-Gon and I discussed it, and decided to not hire you. Plus, to be frank, you're dressed like a total jackass."


"Oh, shit," thought Fred as he finally met his opponents in the poker tournament.

can't read them

Chris grabbed Obi Wan's lightsabre and wouldn't Lego.


Tim's "good angel/bad angel" moments even reflected his obsession with sci-fi.


We're not the Lego Men your looking for.


the new Indiana Jones flick finally proved that Lucas had really run out of ideas...


"I don't know why, I but I feel so at peace here, with you guys. It's this total feeling of.... what's the word?"
"No, that's not it..."

Rasputin McFisticuffs

Steve froze in fear.

They were back.


Hey, this place blows. Let's go down to Victoria Secrets and feel up the mannequins there!

G. Lucas

Jeff was determined to stand his ground as Shift Manager - "Sorry guys, no free refills on our Giant Slurpees."


"Whyy did you left us at the playground, Daaaaveee? WHYYYY?"


"How do you guys get around without any knees?"
"Err... the Force... yeah, the Force."


"Check out this cool promotion display - It's made out of some sorta fleshy material!"

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