Craptions Classics February 14, 2007

This may not have been the best thing for James to see in the entranceway to his first Pryomaniacs Anonymous meeting.


Other Craptions

Jim spun round quickly, he was sure that elevator was following him..but where was it?!

Celestial Gold

It's ent porn


Martha Stewart emerged from prison a changed woman. Now her decorating was darker..more sinister.


An older and slightly heavier Link approached the newly refurbished Forest Temple with caution.

Vinnie S.

After installing the elevator, Jim stepped back to admire the greatest treehouse ever built.


Ned looked at the number on his room key, and back at the room. He had asked for the cheapest room in disneyland, and they had delivered.


Rupert carefully examined the unfamiliar structure with an experienced eye of a true connoisseur. "Oh boy...," he thought to himself, "I'm going to fuck the SHIT out of this twig castle"

Laramore and Bartholomew

The little piggy still believed it was the fact that he built a straw house instead of a straw castle.


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