Craptions Classics February 10, 2007

Wayne was never going to let Dave forget how much money he owed him.


Other Craptions

Halfway through the meeting, David suddenly realised he forgot to bring his banner.


Harnessing all of his acting skill, Jim makes his Broadway debut in the role of "Decimal".


The president didn't know what "Lebq" was, but he was going to give the army of Leet haxors whatever they wanted.


While the rest of the crowd had simply brought banners, Jim deemed it best to describe the number 1389 through the medium of interpretive dance.


Not pictured : the pseudo-intellectual holding up a banner that says MCCCLXXXIX


Sadly, Robert was number 1390.

Alex Zhao

After an exhausting count Doug determined that the printers had, in fact, delivered 1389 banners as promised. The only question left was how they managed to run all of them without noticing that numbers 1 through 1388 were missing.


Yeah! That'll show Milosevic!


Forgetting that he left his facing sideways so he could find it easily, Steve fought through the hordes of redundant banners after a long delayed piss.

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