Craptions Classics February 08, 2007

"I don't know who has my body, Officer, but I CAN tell you that they are sexually assualting me as we speak."

The Admiral

Other Craptions

Jeff knew his body was close by, he could feel it. And apparently so could someone else.


Einstein once asked how crazy things would get if you accelerated a train up to the speed of light and then shot a bullet off it. The answer, apparently, is pretty damn crazy.


"Yesterday, my body didn't seem so far away"


"Oh...Oh yeah. He's definately right-handed, officer"

The Admiral (an alternate caption)

"Help! I need some body."


There you go Pinochio, you're a real boy! Hangon, OH SHI-


Somewhere, "You must be THIS TALL to ride the train" went horribly wrong.


Thank you for choosing Your life-size silicone "Paul McCartney" will arrive at 5:34pm in front of the Hyde Park stop. Head is detachable, as requested.


It suddenly became apparent exactly why Jeremy should keep his arms and legs inside the train at all times.


Psst.. Want some head?


Sir Paul was always a big Futurama fan, and was glad to donate his body in the pursuit of Medical Science.


Ignore this test me bucko!


Except for not being on a stick, Heather got exactly what she wanted.

Assoc. of Divorce Lawyers

As the mob breached his door, Sir Paul finally realized how much his post-Beatles catalog was despised. Moments later, however, none of that mattered anymore.

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