Craptions Classics February 06, 2007

"So how are we supposed to conjure Lucifer?"
"Easy, just align the diablo rings and say 'god' backwards three times."


Other Craptions

Airbud 4: No More Bullshit


Here you go, one hot bitch. What are your other two wishes?


The real trick was performed by Sergoi, holding a flaming ring without the fireproof gloves.

Fireman Bob

In the Russian bureaucracy, the flaming hoops you have to jump through aren't metaphorical.


"'Join the Army', they said. Defend the Motherland', they said..."


"In light of these photos, I authorise a duplicate U.S. Dog-In-A-Flaming-Hoop program in Nevada. Gentlemen, we cannot allow a Dog-In-A-Flaming-Hoop gap to develop."

Oops McUpside

As the Cold War declined, Soviet weapons programmes became just silly.

John Who

"I dunno, Gary. Will the seeing eye dogs ever have to assist the blind with this?"

Juan Perez

And so, with the application of three metal rings and flame, we are able to make this dog levitate. Unfortunately, we have yet to find a practical use for this discovery.


So, Yuri this is how they do it? How they make the 'Hot Dog' in Amerika?


'This may not be the best way to cook a dog,' thought Jan, 'but I'll be damned if it isn't the most fun.'


Rin Tin Tin was back and badder than ever.


How many flaming hoops does it take to distract a dog from a kilo of heroin up your ass? As Sergei would soon learn, the answer is four.


Just before release, the studio executives insisted that Ghost Rider have a sidekick dog- the writers had trouble shoehorning it into the final cut.

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