Craptions Classics February 05, 2007

The less known aabout Noahs first attempt the better.


Other Craptions

After the Internet flooded, the first debris that washed up included, of all things, a news site, an environmental blog, and a cat pic.


Apart from the numerous floating corpses, cat and duck go sailing was like any other children's book.


While Justin Timberlake was creating "Dick in a Box," Akbar was busy composing the hit sequel "Pussy in a Bucket."


After 44 years of excellent ratings, Sayid was the only original cast member remaining for the series finale of "Lost".


"Nice hat." "You too."


The trio were pissed as newts and having a blast, but Mr Tiddles could swear he heard a waterfall...

Julian ;-)

"In return for saving me, I, the great goosebucket-with-a-cat-in-it, will grant you three wishes."

Vinnie S.

4. Which one has diarrhea?

Pop Quiz

America's newest buddy movie, written entirely by shopping mall focus groups.


Travel to India and let the monsoons be your bath, the geese your rubber ducky, and the cats in a bucket your Barry Manilow.

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