Craptions Classics February 04, 2007

...but aside from that, getting a motorcycle permit in Israel just like in any other country.


Other Craptions

Evel Knievel had one kick ass garage.


Jerry Bruckheimer remakes The Bridges of Madison County.

Juan Perez

Hank used fire as a diversion from the fact that anyone on earth that could ride a bike could do his stunts.


The symbolism in the Super Bowl ad for hemorrhoid suppositories was a little heavy-handed.


Pulling into his garage, John cringed and wondered what anniversary he'd forgotten this time!


It was about now that the ejector seat decided to work...........


The thing that scared Bob the most was the large turd in his path.


Riding through the mirth canal.


Coming into his in-laws' driveway, John wasn't exactly sure what he was meant to be feeling.


Ghost Rider blows!

mc notfunny

Passing through the tunnel of fire was child's play compared to passing through the brick wall at the END of the tunnel


Jimmy profoundly regretted his casual indifference toward the "right lane ends" sign as he skidded through the flames and into the canyon.


Hi! Very nice site! Thanks you very much! aejlvgaazd


Hmm, so this is the difference between flame-resistant and flame-proof.

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