Craptions Classics February 03, 2007

It's not eaisy keeping the Earth down, but someone has to do it.


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Viagra: You could fuck concrete


General Cheng was perplexed. Little did he realize how loud he had shouted "Fuck the court!" when talking on his cell phone.


Many mocked, but the sight of thousands of well-armed men Worm-ing towards them was often the last thing they saw...


Smearing superglue on everyone's hands and feet had seemed funny at the time to Colonel Xiang, but there's a war on now, and if he can't figure a way to get everyone unstuck, he'll be in Big Trouble.


Aha! I didn't say simon says!


"Push HARDER! We can't dodge that meteor if you don't put your backs in to it!"


No soldier! That's the worst fucking style I've ever seen! Your hands are all wrong - who's tits are that far apart? I'd hate to see your momma!


To enter into the ranks of the eliete special forces, the recruits must demonstrate their proficiency in oldskool breakdancing moves.


"Oh, look at me! I'm paralyzed! My legs don't work! Boo-hoo! Get up! Get up!"

Juan Perez

At this military research institute, they're discovering that sex works better with two people.


Once again, China tries to fuck the world


The shortage of wheelchairs in China is beginning to tell.

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