Craptions Classics January 30, 2007

The "Aqui Los WMDs" building was much harder to find.


Other Craptions

When threatened, the wild farmhouse will disguise itself as a jihad and wait for the danger to pass.


Sandra felt suicide via cruise missile would be the best option.

Sam Jackson

"Goddamn Republicans! What the hell did illegal immigrants ever do to...holy shit!"

Jifted Kid

the principal thought offering the kids a chance to decorate one of the school walls would be a good chance to express their creativity. how very right he was.


If only President Bush spoke spanish, he would have known that "The Taliban is here"


A little known fact about the Spetember 11th attacks: the World Trade Center attacks were just a distraction- nobody noticed the group of terrorists entering America on a giant floating frying pan

gen sec

Come stay at sunny Aqui El Taliban, where the men are men, the women are not, and the goats tremble.


After hours and hours of painting, Maria's elaborate prank pays off when US forces invade Nogales.

Juan Perez

"Well yeah, now I see the secret hideout. Hindsight, man, gimme a break."


Alright, now the Zapatistas are just fucking with us.

art bell

...because "Yo Quiero Talban!" was just a little too gay.

Homer Pyle

I came for the Jihad, but I'm staying for the ribs!


After their mid-term thumping, the Republicans put up a little "revenge mural" on Hillary Clinton's HQ.


Disculpame, donde esta' el taliban?

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