Craptions Classics January 28, 2007

Where will you be when diarrhea strikes?


Other Craptions

Stand back! This man has just eaten 15 bean burritos, and I swear I'll kill you all!

Bobo the Clown

No one is unemployed in Soviet Russia!

Harry Lime

Doug finds free shoes, only to realise someone is already in them.


You have to give them credit, cavity checks at the airports are getting more creative

Jim Bean

Just then he remembered where he put his car keys.


Now, does anyone in the audience have a lighter?


This is why Communism failed.


I would do anything for love... but I won't do that.

Juan Perez

The Rectal Heimlich Maneuver is becoming more popular than ever

blitzkrieg pony

"In Soviet Russia, ass kicks you."


"Dammit, Tracy! You screwed up a perfectly good picture by getting your finger in the shot!"

The kid in the cap thought wistfully, "If I could do that, I could......"


Clearly a metaphor for Communism.


Lance Armstrong and his friend Lars set out to teach the world a little bit about the twin evils of testicular cancer and communism

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