Craptions Classics February 27, 2006

Its all fun and games until someone freezes a Mexican


Other Craptions

Enrique breathed deep and savored his success in his life long quest to find the Fountain of Homoeroticism.

Regis Philbin

Juan sighed as he washed the blood from his body, the corpses floating slightly in the water behind him. Yes, he had killed again. But it would not end. The Speedo of the Damned's hunger was insatiable.


Cults are becoming more and more ridiculous.

Exhibit A : A Hispanic man prays to a tire.


A rare photograph of the successful East German female diver from the 1984 olympics.


Tony Danza was happy in his fortress of solitude, and his relationship with his new and only friend Wilson the tyre, was going well too..........


Above: Native Icelander Penchazo Sanchezo Sinqo prays to the symbol of his tribe's ruling deity, the fountain-altar of the Really Big Powdered Sugar Donut.

Commander Keen

I love you, frozen squirting tire.

Linux fan

Like so many that had taken the plunge before him, Carlos was about to find out that the Fountain of Youth was mostly Nestea.

Senor Taco

The next installment of the Turok series boasts the most realistic water particle effects ever to be seen in a game. Unfortunately, the wonder of the effect is somewhat spoiled by Turok himself.


Suprisingly enough Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball 2: Guy's Night Out was a complete flop.


oh god tell me Forest didnt leave the fridge open again


Phillip seemed awfully cavalier in the face of the complete breakdown of thermodynamics and old tire use.


In the morning, Pedro would find solace by praying near the frozen tire. Later that day, his one man war on penguins would begin...


It's a good thing for shrinkage or this speedo would look like an innertube

Rat Boy
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