Craptions Classics January 27, 2007

Cant you kids see your grandfather wants to be alone? He appears offline!


Other Craptions

The Soviet version of the AOL guy is twenty feet tall and sits in a corner of your house recording every second of your life, for submission to the People's Department of the Internet.


Agent 007 sat perfectly still. His enemies had detected him...but how?

oh noes

So, with no other option, he handed his sisters over to the big red man. A handshake sealed the deal.


After finishing their giant play-doh sculpture, Stacy and Mary realized Sue was nowhere to be found; their faces froze in terror when they realized where she went.

Choco Taco

Eventually, the Michelin Man's wife got so obese that he had to hire a small asian family to bathe and feed her.


"Daddy, I think Cingular is dead."


"Thank you for coming doctor, my children are quite distressed. I was drinking and passed out in the oven again."


"Let One thousand Flowers Bloom" the girls hear, as the dad presses the button on the giant Tickle-Me-Mao.


Being Siamese triplets wouldn't have been so bad... if it hadn't been Ming, Choa, and the AOL Mascot.


Show me with this doll what the smurf did to you.


It's quite an honor to finally meet the father of Clifford the Big Red Dog!

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