Craptions Classics January 26, 2007

Hay Jeff, it’s actually solid! .....Jeff?

Jake The Cake

Other Craptions

Seeing himself trapped underneath the ice, Robert dives in to save himself.

oh noes

If you wait to long to get baptized, the Catholic Church decides to have some fun with you.

Timmy IV

Although less well-known than their Italian counterparts, the cruelty of the Norwegian mafia is feared by all who have to deal with them.

Juan Perez

I was official. The internet had ran out of ideas for porn.

some sort of sexual organ

Shown here seconds before his death, Ben Affleck's scrotum would contract violently at the icy water's touch and fire both his testicles through his lungs.

Darth Riker

Sure, levitating on water while wearing a fairy outfit and singing "I feel pretty" while being mocked by your peers is a good test for beginner Jedi, but Dave's sensei felt it needed to be kicked up a notch.


After the riot squad spent their money on human-sucking hoovers, the rebels knew that nothing could save them. Not even Mr Johnson's fishing rod.


Hi! Very nice site! Thanks you very much! bfkjceeewbkvoo


It's five o'clock in the evening.
Where are your parents at?

Andy S.


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