Craptions Classics January 25, 2007

Anarchy - the opera.

Tim H

Other Craptions

In Canada, no one can hear you scream.


"Then I'ma grab your blue-haired friend, put her in a headlock and be like...byah!"


The police tried to warn him, but someone swiped the seat prior to remount.


"Mountain bikes are the best!"
"No, night sticks are the best!"

Big A

Officer Carlson's severe pathological fear of bikes eventually led to his retirement from the force.

Juan Perez

Steve inguinously inmitated his level 27 taurens warcry to make the rioters fear and run awsy.

scooby douche

There are very few effective defenses to bikejutsu, the Japanese art of killing with unmotorized conveyances.


Carl inadvertently disrupted the entire event by trying to ride a bicycle in the 2007 Iowa City AIDS Walk.

President Scroob

Even Andrew himself was astonished at the graphicness of his explanation of where he was going to stick the nightstick

asbo jo

Police decided to use a new method against the new wave of bicycle related crimes - clown transvestites - A bicylcle's only weakness.


In the ongoing war between Mail Men and Bike Courriers, the innocent Strip-O-grams are always the victims.


"With all due respect officer, my ass would destroy your foot."


Another day on the set of the live action Naruto movie.


I could have sworn there was only one cop in the Village People

mc notfunny
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