Craptions Classics January 23, 2007

Ever since he was a boy, Jim had been terrified of sparklers.

He probably shouldn't have told his friends, who all hated him.

El G

Other Craptions

Frank eventually gained the acceptance of the other Sparkle Cult members by rotating his head a full 360 degrees.


Most people don't realize how awkward the Dustin Diamond sex tape really got towards the end


With everyone distracted, the yellow spider moved in for the kill

Frankie Figs

John was so high he was seeing friends

Ctrl, Alt, Defeat

Faced with the decision to take a joint dwayne consulted the eternal beings that resided on his shoulders for guidence.

The argument was fairly one sided.


After years of trying to give him the hint, Steve's friends decided to remove his peachfuzz moustachio once and for all.


White people sure can party!!!

Party up in here.

Some people questioned the decision to cast Pauly Shore in the title role of the final "Harry Potter" film.


"Alright John! It's time for the Trust Fall!"
"Whooo! Catch me, Guys!"

A. Wok

The intervention meeting for chuck had gone wrong very wrong.


A glimpse into the future: Scrubs season # 114


When we developed this chilling picture, we captured my son, dead 18 years to the day.


Gertrude, seated bottom left, was pleased that the distraction of the sparklers prevented anyone from noticing that she was masturbating.

Puckworth Q. Dildosmith

Is this the country kitchen buffet?

Choosing to "Like" Cracked has no side effects, so what's the worst that could happen?

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