Craptions Classics January 22, 2007

And then, for no adequately explained reason, Jim's casually discarded cigarette became a quantum singularity.


Other Craptions

Soon China will have all the water it needs.


Unwittingly, he was standing on the only thing that could save them.


Jim didnt know how but he was sure teenagers were responsible for this somehow...


The Kingdom of Atlantis had kept Old Man Witherspoon awake all night for the last time.

Juan Perez

Hawking's version of The Old Man and the Sea wasn't so much about a fish as it was about black holes. Reviews were mixed.


lets not divide by 0 again.


"Grampa, tell us another story."
"Well there's that time I was strolling along under the ocean (you didn't need no darn oxygen back in my day) when I found this big plug..."


And so ended the saga of the ninja turtles.


Arthur always hated taking his pet fish for a walk.

Bad Karma

The teardown of Waterworld's set really only took one person.


That day Reginald Patented a manhole cover with tiny holes in it and he looked forward to not having to visit every street in Britain every fucking day.


"And that's basicly how we plan to beat global flooding, any questions?"

Carnival Guy

Jimmey's new crossing gaurd action figure was really only fun at bath time.


Historians are discovering that Homer may have exaggerated slightly when writingThe Odyssey .

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