Craptions Classics January 20, 2007

Evil Kneivel was going to give PETA a show they would never forget.

The Admiral

Other Craptions

As for the other Three Horsemen, they got caught in traffic.


People underestimate just how fast Paul Revere went.


The devil may not be all-knowing and all-powerful, but when you summon him the guy makes a fucking entrance.


The townspeople attempted to stop the headless horseman with a fiery roadblock, but it ended up just making his killing spree look even more awesome.


"Oh please," thought Cinderella. "What could possibly be wrong with me staying out after midnight?"

Timmy IV

The bystanders fidgeted uncomfortably. None of them could figure out a tactful way to tell Stan that his horse was on fire.


Doc Brown did have a time travel idea better than the train, Marty just wasn't bad ass enough to use it.


In the Spanish Inquisition, you could be Catholic but if your horse was Jewish you shared his fate.


Erwin McNerdenmier arrives at his High School reunion determined to change how the class of '89 remembers him.


My Appocalypse Pony wasn't one of Hasbro's better ideas.


"wow that guy can take some serous pain!"

and then they realised they had been watching a statue for two hours.


The Trojans weren't as easily fooled the second time. And this time, they had torches.


"FLAME ON!" said Shadowfax as the hobbits looked on in amazement


Attila the Hun's recruitment tests had always been a little harsh

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