Craptions Classics January 18, 2007

Sometimes it sucks to be Magneto.

Alex Zhao

Other Craptions

As Spring arrives, Korean men begin releasing their spores into the wind, thus ensuring the continued survival of the species

Cinnamon Whirl

Other than that, Mah Jongg and Darts are the same.


Until today, everyone thought Chan was exaggerating when he said he could "eat steel and sweat pins."


Thinning hair? Embarrassing bald spots? Stop painting and start pinning with Pin Hair.
product disclaimer; may cause headaches and airport delays


Every head-louse in town wanted satellite T.V.


"Well, I don't want to smoke anymore, but now I'm gay!"


It's difficult to believe that once upon a time, medieval theologists debated long and hard on how many pins could dance on the head of an angel.


Yeah, you've got something on the


After the last pin was entered into his temple, Jimmy was still hungry


Rare but serious side-effects? Aww, who ever gets those anyway?


Seens from the 1970's blaxplotation version of Hellraiser...


Hi! Very nice site! Thanks you very much! oodtfoqoqbeicl

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