Craptions Classics February 26, 2006

Bush could barely maintain his composure when he delivered the fateful message to the american people that the insurgents had, in fact, turned on the hax.


Other Craptions

Unfortunately the Jihad against gravity was not going as well as planned.


Habib smiled. The terrorist gun worked perfectly.

Linux fan

B-button jumps! 'A' shoots.

Born Toulouse-Lautrec

"Allah is pleased by your adherence to form, but finds great disgrace in your botched dismount."

Zap Rowsdower

When it came to jumping out of gigantic power-outlets in the desert, the 432nd infantry were the best.

Matt Lazer

It was either guns or parachutes...


The Macy's parade gets political..........


"Steve, I told you to stop camping by the spawning spot. Don't make me rocket jump up there and cap your ass."


follow the light... follow the light... follow the... WHAT THE HELL


Chris Angel preformed in Iraq bad no one was there.


sv_cheats 1


Due to budget cuts the 32nd paratroopers had to jump without parachutes.

Carbon Man

now we SHOOT the motherfucker while he's stuck up there

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