Craptions Classics January 16, 2007

The surprise celebration for the designated driver of the year was stunningly short-sighted.


Other Craptions

"Yes, that is correct. I am extreemly allergic to beer. Infact, even the slightest drop..."


It's crazy how much beer the team had to drink to fill that thing with urine.


After losing their third straight championship, the team quickly encases their head coach in carbonite.


"No no, it's true. Anything that touches me turns to milk, watch as I turn this tissue into.. what the FUCK!?"


In order to "one up" the frat boys of his Alma Mater Rudy scorns the beer bong as being "for pussies" and has the beer poured directly into his brain.


College students around the world cringe as two large glasses of beer are wasted...


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