Craptions Classics January 13, 2007

The NHL had finally gone where no die hard fan ever thought possible. A black guy.


Other Craptions

After legalizing the two-line pass and shrinking the neutral zone, the NHL tried some unexpected methods of helping players score.

Ace of Spades

Suddenly everyone wanted to be goalie.

Mr. Molecule

The players didn't seem to notice the helmet from her first victim...


"Hey, she's hot!"
"Miss, aren't you cold?"
"Dear God. She's frozen solid!"
*CSI: Toronto*

Buddy Christ

I’d expect a stunt like this from Henkel, Schlōsvet, WestlB,, Zamek, and BEL. But Metero Group?!


Can I puck you?


Traps like the one seen here are used to catch wild Hockey players. Their pelts will fetch a nice price.


"Smile big for the commercial, bitch, or we'll break your other arm."


No one has scored on her, for her entire period.


this is fucking gogol bordello


Check it out Leroy, Play hockey and you get all the white girls!


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That sure doesn't LOOK like a puck.

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