Craptions Classics January 11, 2007

Despite Phillip's persistent suggestions, the snow-people were reluctant to mate in captivity.

Nerf Paladins

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Around this point, the propositions he was trying to convey to his girlfriend saw a rapid drop in subtlety.


It may be less flashy than its western counterparts, but Korean snow porn has been hand-crafted the traditional way for over four thousand years.


And thats how sex is done...I'm sure of it


While trying to look pleased with the gift, Chen tried to explain that it wasn't a 'Snow Job' that he asked for...

Guy Incognito

After their respective lovers cheated on them, Sing and Cho knew that the only realistic option was snowman voodoo.


never mind these two tards, who the fuck wasted their time taking the picture?


Baby, i'll pay for them if you make them THIS big!


"...And as I demonstrate with these snow 'brother and sister' people I made, it wouldn't be that bad at all, would it?"


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