Craptions Classics January 09, 2007

"Are you sure? I don't see gullible written anywhere back there."


Other Craptions

Although he had cruised through life so far oblivious of its existence, the phrase "post mortem muscle activity" was about to become brutally relevant to little Billy.

Disco Stu

Does every goddamn thing at Red Lobster have to be ocean themed? How about a normal drinking fountain for once?


Damn Frisbee…


National Museum of Darwin Awards.


SeaWorld's "Shark Slide" closed after only a few days


The North Korean remake of superman began showing cracks early in the film


An anonymous artist's still life conception of the PWOT craption contest voting process.


Hi! Very nice site! Thanks you very much! uqffwnfcmbeb


Jaws 5 bombs as viewers refuseto beleive the giant "land shark" with its clearly visible wires.

Mr. Molecule

John soon realized that the shark's bad breath was the least of his problems


The Skysharks would swoop down on unwary children, later regurgitating the partially digested childflesh into the waiting maws of thier offspring.

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