Craptions Classics February 25, 2006

Instead of eating it, the sharks chose to take care of and raise the poor little calf as one of their own. The ocean has never been the same since.

Senor Taco

Other Craptions

It was the first and last year Venice hosted the running of the bulls.

Chab Gassie

Marty didn't care that he was different from the other children, he wanted to be on the swim team no matter what


Cultural influences made the Spanish Water Polo League one of the most exciting in Europe.


Despite his enthusiasm, El Mutilador was one of the worst lifeguards ever.

Linux fan

America's latest and most innovative defense against illegal immigration.

Joe Pants

Spain's method of training its Olympic swimmers, while effective, has led to more "Horn in ass" injuries than any other similar program.

Butta' Rich

Rudolf the Reindeer's half brother, Taurus, was also an outcast that no one wanted to play games with

Rat Boy

"Hey dude..."
"Shut the fuck up, dude"


Where will you be when your period hits?


Everybody Stop! I just swallowed a bunch of water.


"and Noah was smote valiantly by God for forgetting one"


"Pol-oh crap!"


Bull! Shit!


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Mobius Spul
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