Craptions Classics January 07, 2007

Old Mr. Simmons "flashy" moves were too much for the kids at epilepsy camp.


Other Craptions

Little did the old man know that he was the bubble's next target.


"Sorry kid, you must be at least this high to BRING ON THE PAIN!"


Henry tries to avoid getting the blood on his good sneakers.


Picked last for every game when he was young, revenge was sweet for George.

P. Harrington

Billy didn't mind grandpa's rough tackles so much, it was the successive elbow-drops that hurt.


Gerry accidentally kills his own inner child.


So it was true, the ball bounced higher than the child! Next he would try with the football, for science.


The grass became self aware on January 8, 2007. It launched its first attack against the weakest in society, children and the elderly


this proves it, using gatoraid IS unfare


Unfortunately, Billy and his fellow teammates lost at the annual parent vs kid games at narcolepsy camp.


I've done as you asked, Mr. Football. The child is dead. What do you mean I have to kill again? Will my torture never end?!


Old man Jenkins was about to fall for the oldest trick in the book: free child sodomy.


A lesson Old Mr Peters would never forgt - 'Just because you can beat little boys up, doesn't mean you should.'


...but besides that Rugby and Football is pretty much the same

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