Craptions Classics January 05, 2007

Ted discovers that the Artic Giant Clam is not as benign as its saltwater cousins.

Mr. Molecule

Other Craptions

The rest of the Target letters looked onward as the bullseye ran for freedom.


After days of boasting about the invulnerability the Inflato-Suit provided him with, somebody realized they could just push him over.


As the other children laughed, Jimmy resolved to one day become a serial killer.


The enemies from the Power Rangers got stupider every episode


...And here we see the Krispy Kreme donut in it's natural habitat.


...and you thought the Jamaican bobsled team was lame.


Just as baby Stevie thought he had caught the perfect slope, global warming hits Wyoming.


Man discovers the wheel

Treize Khushrenada

And then, after the third try, Richard discovers if he places the tube horizontally on the ground, the fun happens.


crazed by yet another fat rider, the sled turns feral, consuming all in its path.


Huge waffles covered in Syrup have been known on occassion to come to the rescue of hungry nameless heroes, although such events are more likely to occur in Sierra games and the Savanna.


The Pepperment waited outside Jane's house - using all the talents at his disposal to impress.....


Little do the Craptioners know that the opposite angle on this picture shows the tube to hold nothing but a pair of severed feet.

Tokens Only

The donut king wasnt so nimble on the ice as he had thought

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