Craptions Classics January 03, 2007

And then George W. Bush built a Soccer Stadium just beyond the border just to fuck with the Mexicans.


Other Craptions

Tragedy struck when fans tried to rush the field.


"Guys, we only need ONE sniper. ONE."


The steam-powered apartment ship floated into port just as the match began.

Will it blend? was quite possibly the worlds smallest and most inept goalkeeper ever


Soon realizing soccer riots were thoroughly more entertaining than the actual game, spectators moved from the stands to another vantage point where they could view the chaos.

Buddy Christ

Mexico City was hit hard by racial segregation. The white chairs ran the city


Odin was not pleased by the new ad agency's attempts to promote Asguardian Railways.


Hi! Very nice site! Thanks you very much! pwfephjmokxmf


In a blunder destined to haunt his career forever, Dr. Steve accidentally hypnotizes not his pre-selected volunteer, but the entire studio audience into believing they were pigeons.

President Scroob

Mass suicide jumping.
This is what happens when you let Nickleback play at the halftime concert.


The game wasn't exciting enough for these people - they needed the added excitement of possible instant death to keep them entertained

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