Craptions Classics January 01, 2007

Hours later, a huge tsunami wiped out North America.


Other Craptions

The world championships for The-floor-is-made-of-lava.


Ha, I didn't say "Simon says," you all lose.


Santa outsources the pulling his sleigh to the cheaper Chinese.

Ludolph the Led Nosed Leindeer

Using the logic 'white men can't jump' was a fool proof plan for discovering english spies in their ranks!


The stealth camoflague worked well on the Armored Personnel Carrier, but not so much on the Personnel themselves...

General Tsao



Land mines were never a problem for the members of the elite Chinese Special Operations Group.


Korean soldiers are not born, or trained; they spring from the ground, fully formed and in perfect sqaud lines.


Overmind: “The cross breeding of North Korean grunts and Zerg Mutalisk was showing signs of progress.”


Everyone was excited as Steve Miller Band played fly like an eagle... except for one


With a loud bang from the starter pistol, the annual longest fart contest began. "This is my year" thought Hiro as he was clearly "in the zone".

Jeff The MAn The Myth The Legend

"Hold it, hoooooold it..."


Due to budgetary constraints, the North Korea airborne is forced to perform without the luxury of parachutes.


Now that my anti-gravity ray is complete, I'll finally DESTROY CAPTAIN AMERICA!

Bwahh ha ha ha HAAA!

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