Craptions Classics December 25, 2006

The ultimate photo-op: Senator Burgess poses with Gay Blind Unemployed Afro-Native-Muslim-American minority.


Other Craptions

Mojujo had all the ancient artifacts his +9 suit could handle. His apprentice though, needed to level up real bad.


This is why you should not use


And so after 200 years of opression, an apology was finally given to the Slappahoe tribe.


"The DEA reported today that Ohio now leads the nation in LSD use."

Kent Brockman

His sunglasses barely hid his embarrassment at having his picture taken next to someone with such a tasteless tie-scarf-thing.


He had committed the worse fashion offense known: wearing sunglasses indoors

X-mas miracle

The latest Village People comeback was half-hearted at best.


Neo and Trinity enjoy a quiet retirement in Ohio.

Lawnmover Man

The American flag peeked around the door and groaned to himself. Now he'd never get back to the office before the boss.


"Look Elizabeth, I know your parents have been doing their best to get used to their daughter dating a black man, but please tell them they don't have to try and impress me around Kwanzaa!"

Tiresias Jackson

"I did not have sex with this woman"

Craig David

So what did we learn kids?
Never pose with your crack-dealer if he still has some left on his upper lip.


Don't worry, she'd with me.


The real Cleveland Indians cannot stand the sight and smell of white people.

P. Harmington
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