Craptions Classics December 19, 2006

The Vikings return to Scandinavia with their spoils from the North Pole.

Photon X

Other Craptions

The holiday version of "Deliverance" proved to be somewhat more disturbing than the original.


What happens at the North Pole stays at the North Pole.

Tim G

"Captian! Iceberg ahead!"
"Have you seen whats on this boat? I fucking aiming for it."


When you only work one day a year you just run out of shit to do for entertainment.


The secret service agents tried to blend in as they guarded yet another drunken Kennedy party.


Though good on paper, the
"Pirates of the Carribean: Holiday Special," did not harbor as much cash as presumed.

Bad Karma

Janie gave Dave a coy look as he portrayed a cool, rebellious image of Santa. The old guys just looked on and laughed... they'd all been there.


Southern Santa and the gang take a furry prisoner.


No one could rock office christmas parties like Jebkins the elf. No one.

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