Craptions Classics December 17, 2006

The affair between Mrs. Claus and Optimus Prime was finally out of the bag.


Other Craptions

Little Timmy gasped excitedly. "It's Santa!!" He ran to give him a big hug.


If you're nice, Santa will give you a pony.
If you're naughty, Santa will give you a lump of coal.
If you don't pay your bus fare, Santa will run you the fuck over.

mike hunt

The bus is a cunning hunter, often luring its un suspecting victims with clever disguises


He knows if you've been bad or good, But his surveillance teams aren't exactly inconspicuous.


Weaving through oncoming traffic and a sea of pedestrians, Steve began to doubt the wisdom of using real lenses in the novelty bifocals.


And three blocks away, Santa's faceless body lay dead in the street.


If Santa can drive his bus around the world in just one night, then tell me. Why is public transportation always late?


"This sucks! Keanu got The Matrix and Sandra got a thousand and one romantic comedies. I WAS Speed, damnit!"


Hundreds of children required therapy in the aftermath of the city's unfortunate 'Come Sit in Santa's Innards' venture.

Lawnmover Man

Michael Jackson's latest plan...


After a wild night of partying with the elves and that unfortunate power-line incident Santa Claus is forced to resort to public transportation until suitable replacement reindeer can be hired.


"I told you we could overtake the bus if we both pushed....hey...whos baby is this anyway?"

Aeon Flukes

Ghost ride the Claus, cuz he's reppin them 20" rims


John's Magic Pimp bus is comming to town!

Agent Smith
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