Craptions Classics December 15, 2006

Hi. I wonder if I could talk to you about your salvation. Can I come in?


Other Craptions

"In case of an emergency landing, exits are located at the front and back of the plane. In case of a terrorist situation, an emergency ninja is located at each exit."

USB animl

Fewer people would actually want God as their copilot if they new how much time he spent fucking around.

Howard Huge

No matter where his friends went, Keven showed up.


Yeah, sorry i'm back but I forgot my parachute...


Yes, we've landed Mr. President, right this way...


"I'm going to let you off with a warning this time, but you get that tail light fixed, all right? Have a nice day."


Losing at poker and fighting with his wife, Bill stormed out, only to have his problems put into perspective.


When the left wing tore off, the pilot had no choice but to go outside and fly the plane manually.

Lawnmover Man

William Shatner did his best to keep his attention on the in-flight movie, but this was really starting to fuck with him.


I didn't want my windsheild cleaned. I am NOT giving you a dollar. Get a real job you bum.


There. 50387 pumps on my Air Jordans. Let's see how these babies work.


Superman could be a real prick at times.


Despite his best efforts Peter Pan did eventually grow least physically anyway.


It's worse than we thought, Sir, there's a pirate at the other door!

Vulcan Bomber
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