Craptions Classics February 23, 2006

We're the religion of peace. Got that, motherfucker?


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'Sha'ruf, Sha'ruf, Sha'ruf is on fire!'
'We don't need no water let the muthafucka burn!'


John Cheese's book tour was less than a complete success.


As gas prices soar in Iran, they start burning their least valued possesions to keep warm: women and children first.


Almost nobody expected the effigy to fight back.

Linux fan

The Afghan people rejoiced yesterday as their first astronaut survived re-entry from the space program's maiden voyage. He will be expected to board the next scud missle flight in less than a month.

Choco Taco

The crowd roared with approval. Everyone had seen a Taoist monk calmly burn himself to death in protest, but never breakdance while on fire.


Matching your denim is more than a fashion crime in Iran.


The Muslim community was inflamed by the cartoons published in Dutch newspapers. And also by white phosphorus.

Born Toulouse-Lautrec

Alaheed sensed the crowd was getting restless. There was lonly one thing to do at a time like this...FLAMING BREAKDANCE!


"Turn! Turn it Rasheed. We don't want one side all over-cooked like last time."


Are you burning with the peace of Islam?


how to make a religion, 1/2 convincing the majority of the populus its the only religion, 1/2 brutal slaughter of all those who oppose you.


The Iraqi war was a successful campaign.


The Christian right's sole image of the East. (Same as if they only saw a cowboy fucking a sheep.)

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