Craptions Classics December 12, 2006

Later in life, Walker, Texas Ranger was no longer his name, but a humiliating pun.


Other Craptions

"Come on Diablo, those bags of Doritos on the beach have to be around here somewhere."

Day behind

He's ageing genius painter Pablo Picasso.
He's a bull.
They're cops.

John What

Gustavo turned the safety off. Those little punks would pay for laughing at his hat.

Lawnmover Man

After waiting for over 74 hours, Nathan E. Jones eventually came to the conclusion that the bull salesman wasn't coming back.


So, you're a Taurus?


In a touching display of friendship across boundaries, Paco the matador and the bull that crippled him put aside their differences to spend their twilight years together.

Harry Happenstance

Indeed, they weren't in Kansas anymore. Hell, they weren't even anywhere near Kansas in the first place.

le douche

On hot summer days, Amelio would often hop on his bull and cruise the beach for chicks.


Once you go Bull you NEVER go back.


Chief UHNBHGMJBBYGU of the Navajo refused to accept that California would break off and Arizona would have a coast line. He still believes that to this day.


Paul Bunyan and Old Blue in their Golden Years.

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