Craptions Classics December 11, 2006

While the rifle in front kept their attention, two more crept up from behind for the kill.


Other Craptions

The war against God quickly ended.


In yet another bizarre asian paradox, most everyday objects can be moved telepathically, and yet all hats require chinstraps.

reckless abrandon

Finaly, Wayne LaPierre is vindicated. Guns really do kill people.


The less technically adept cadets were trained to simply hurl their rifles at the opposing force.


Chen and Lee knew they would have to act fast to take out three invisible men at once.


Macbeth suffers from translation errors.


The sniper on the roof had such a huge rifle he hardly remained unnoticed....


Raise your hand if you'd like us to stop throwing rifles at you.


What's that, girl? Private Timmy's in the well?

I, Idiot

The 1st Telekinetic Rifle Corps seemed pretty impressive, until you found out that they couldn't aim worth shit.


The Indian police forces quickly realized they were no match for Magneto.

Captain Suctioncup

No one had noticed when the first rifle clouds had appeared overhead.


The guns went for the old "one-gun-distracts-them-while-the-other-two-flip-their-caps-off" trick. This time, however, the joke would be on them. David and Wong had chin-straps.

Jake n Bake

"You homosapiens and your guns..."

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