Craptions Classics December 10, 2006

After hatching, very few Doritos survive the journey to the ocean


Other Craptions

Perhaps it's a disease, or a result of electromagnetic waves from the earth...fact is, nobody knows why the Doritos beach themselves this way. We just do what we can to help them.

van dangle

CSI Miami has finally taken product placement too far.


In contrast to similar incidents with oil, dorito-tanker spills are a much more enjoyable affair for everyone.


The Cool Ranch bag at bottom center couldn't believe his luck. He was being serviced by four hot Nacho Cheeses at the same time.

Lawnmover Man

With the lines firmly attatched to the bags and the reels in place, the fish were ready to exact their revenge.

Bad Karma

The Pringles people knew someone had sabotaged their corporate beach party...but who?


In the final stages of recycling, the tide comes in and the material is transported far away from here to become some other countries problem.


Bill was expelled from the island for his "creativity" during the rain dance.

Elvis of Awesome

"I found one!"


"But to this one," said the old man, holding a Doritoes Bag, "To this one it makes a difference."


Dorito poaching continues to be a serious problem as the creatures are virtually defenseless during the mating season.


In the developed world, even destructive tsunamis leave delicious food in their wake.


Previously on LOST . . .


After five hours of working hard on creating the very first Dorito advertisement to be visible from space, the Dorito team realized with horror that their masterpiece was below the tide line.

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