Craptions Classics December 09, 2006

In a world of bald and balding men, the one with hair is king.


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"But midnight is so early. Can't I stay till morning?" asked Cinderella.

The Fairy Godmother grimaced. "Trust me, dear, you do NOT want to stay till morning."

Empty can

A Republican's Idea Of The Average Same-Sex Marriage

peter hindsight we all knew that this was where the WWE would end up.


Tonight on Pimp My Gimp...


Thor is less... impressive... than I thought.


Towards the end, the Roman Empire's mighty war machine was no longer the unstoppable force it had once been.


'Gimp-gimp, how do I avoid the traffic congestion up ahead? Gimp-gimp, should I go left or right at this junction? Gimp-gimp, should I wash my hair again?'

El G

Thankfully, the rest of the parade was not captured on film.


"Yes, these two are ready to adopt a child," thought the Average Democrat.

Gay Fey McGaymaster

In mother Russia, Car drives you!


This year's Santa Claus parade frightened and confused many.

Senor Taco

Shit I'm not gonna win this race. My horse is a gimp

who cares

4 fast 4 Furious: Sexual Orientation Drift


In this alternate universe record store clerks are treated as kings!

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