Craptions Classics December 07, 2006

"You do realize that he's an entirely fictional character, right?"
"Yes, but we still believe it will improve the UN's credibility."


Other Craptions

" Bruce, you must try my wife's Polonium salad. What's thi-'
"Nothing. Its nothing."


Holy corporate takeover batman!

Yomama Bin Lovinit

"And in the event of a real emergency, who does the UN rely on?"


In Putin's Russia, Batman signals YOU!


Despite the startling number of clues around Wayne Manor, no one ever realized Bruce Wayne was Batman


"...and this is where Batman fought the steamroller."

Senor Taco

Hey, a quarter!


For once, George Bush's years of study would finally pay off when the other world leaders were confused.


As the newest member of the Justice League, Vladimir Putin would have some big shoes to fill.


"SHIT." thought Putin as he accompanied his guests. "I need to be more careful with my identity..."

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